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Sonntag, 28. Juli 2019

Ghosthunter NRWUP & RLP - Die Geisterjäger suchen Verstärkung!

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Freitag, 26. Juli 2019

Secret Hunters brauchen Eure Hilfe! #geisterjagd #secrets #Verschollenes

Ein gutes Format braucht Eure Unterstützung und Wissen - kennt ihr Secrets/Geheimnisse oder Paranormale Vorkommnisse auf Locations - mehr Infos in deren Posting? Dann setzt Euch bitte mit den Secret Hunters in Verbindung!
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"Die Secret Hunters brauchen Eure Unterstützung und bitten Euch um Zusendung eines Secrets, Geheimnis, ungeklärtes Phänomen oder mysteriösen Vorfall aus Deutschland, den es sich lohnt zu untersuchen. Es kann sich dabei um einen Geheimgang, Bunker, verschollene Artefakte, paranormale Ereignisse, versteckte Schätze oder Versunkenes handeln, von denen Ihr wissen wollt ob es stimmt oder nicht. Bitte sendet uns Euren Vorschlag, Hinweise oder Fakten per PN zu. Wir werden den besten Vorschlag aufgreifen und Euch im August mitteilen, welcher Fall genommen wurde und wie es dann weiter geht... Um so mehr Menschen mitmachen um so grösser wird die Auswahl an spannenden Fällen. Bitte unterstützt die Redaktion der Secret Hunters und teilt unseren Post.
Danke und viele Grüße an diese coole Community von der
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Sonntag, 7. Juli 2019

Geisterjagd im Grandhotel Giessbach (Schweiz) #ghosthunter #geisterjäger

Heute erschien auf 20 Min. Schweiz der Beitrag über unsere paranormale Untersuchung im Grandhotel Giessbach in der Schweiz am Brienzer See - unser eigener ausführlicher Bericht und Video folgt noch diesen Monat. Da erfahrt ihr mehr :-)

Und für die Schweizer: Morgen kommt der Artikel in der Berner Printausgabe

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Dienstag, 2. Juli 2019

Paranormal Investigation from the Hoia Baciu Forrest 01.03.2019 - #ghosthunting #ghosthunter

If you search for Hoia Baciu Forest, you find many homepages dealing with paranormal and mysterious incidents, which are believed to have happened in and around the forest.
The most well-known are:

Sighting of an ascending UFO together with a photography
Disappearance of humans and a shepherd with his flock of sheep
Recurring ghost sightings
Availability of portals to other dimensions and places
Massive fluctuations in the electromagnetic field
Mysterious tree structures, which have never been explained
Secret military underground bunkers
Places for occult practices

Here are some Links:
Wikipedia Hoia Baciu Wald
The Hoia-Baciu Forest - Truth or Legend?

The Hoia Baciu Forest is under the top ten on many lists of the “Most Haunted Places”. One reason to do a paranormal research there and who knows what we can find. Besides, this location was on our “wish list” for a long time.

Since our team has been in contact with a group from Romania for some time, we decided to investigate and take a look at this place. This group intensively cares for the Hoia Baciu Forest and its maintenance. Among other things, they constantly report about this place to draw attention to political and economic problems, as illegal deforestation is carried out which will inevitably lead to damage of the forest and a drop in tourism. You should not forget one thing: The Hoia Baciu Forest is a tourist attraction and by its naming and presentation on a great number of websites and in the media, you will likely take notice of Klausenburg (Cluj), which borders on this forest.
And between you and me: Cluj has beautiful spots and it’s a very clean city with only few trash on the streets (for example cigarette ends). A lot of young people and students live there and this is reflected in the gastronomy.

Now to the essence:

Our stay in Romania was planned as follows:

March 1st: Flight to Romania and a first look at the Hoia Baciu Forrest by daylight (project 1).
March 2nd: Walk-Through and paranormal investigation at night.
March 3rd: Visit of the animal shelter near Cluj (project 2).
March 4th: Flight back to Germany.

But things turned out to be different than planned. We arrived at the airport Dusseldorf early in the morning to start our journey to Romania. When arriving we were shocked by a big information board which said that the waiting time for Terminal B was 400 minutes. First we thought that it would not affect us, as our plane started from Terminal A. So we went to the Lufthansa check-in. There was a very long queue and thus we decided to check ourselves in at those small terminals and after that we would just have to register our luggage. No sooner said than done. We got in line with our boarding carts and our luggage. We noticed that the waiting time at Terminal B wasn’t changing and a crowd of people was standing in front of the airport security. Due to our “quick” moving up in the queue, we were convinced that we would still be waiting while our plane was already landing in Munich for a stopover. Worry lines started to appear on our faces. Then a loudspeaker announcement was made, which said that the airport security was closed due to an entry of unauthorized persons and the resulting search in this area and in the planes.
Approximately 15 minutes later, it was announced that all flights (including our flight) were cancelled. At the same time, the Lufthansa informed us via email or rather text message, that our flight was changed to a later Lufhansa-flight and that we would fly via Frankfurt/Main instead of Munich. At this point you have to mention that this is a very good service and that a passenger is not left out in the cold which happened to Cloody and me some years ago during our first trip to Egypt with another airline (emergency landing in Hannover and so on). Due to this inevitable change in flight time, we could not stick to our initial plan to go in to the forest at the same day. In addition, our guide was unavailable due to professional reasons, so we only could got to see the forest the next day.
Our further journey was, of course, not trouble-free, because when we sat in the airplane from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt the ground crew could not be found and the start was delayed by 45 more minutes. However, after that everything went fine.

When we approached Cluj, we could see snow on the hills and mountain ranges of the Transylvanian Mountains and the land looked very barren. The sun was already going down and a first visit of the forest in darkness was risky, especially without our guide. Which unexpected risks, despite of accidents and stumbling, can happen, will be explained further in the report.

After the landing and checkout, which was done quickly, we had to change money (exchange rate 1 € - 5 Lei). We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel, which was located almost in the center of Cluj at a big square. During the drive, we could not see one of the “famous” street dogs- we will take a closer look at them in the second part of our Romania report.

We then moved into our quiet hotel room. The hotel was recommended by the chairman of the aid association Tiernothilfe Siebenbürgen e.V. (LINK), which specifically supports the animal shelter in Cluj, where we would visit that Sunday.

Due to the tiring journey (we were awake since half past four in the morning and had a very short sleep), the dusk and the fact that our guide was unavailable, we decided not to go to the forest, contrary to our plan, but to rest and to get fit for the visit the next day. After we scouted the surrounding area of the hotel and bought drinks and snacks for the weekend, we went went out for a meal and looked forward to the next day. Our guide would pick us up at 10 o`clock.
During the night, we woke up because of extreme rain and we hoped that it would end quickly, as we would start to the forest in a few hours.

When our alarm clock went off, we saw a blue sky and it seemed that St Peter would show understanding for us- that was our hope. After a very good breakfast in our hotel, we were picked up by C., our guide and contact person for the Hoia Baciu Forest, at 10 o`clock. After the introduction, he told us, that it might be difficult to get into the forest and to the important places in there. Due to the heavy rain during the night we would have to get through a lot of mud – and what a mud. When we got closer to the forest in the jeep and the street to the forest ended on a field, we quickly understood what he meant with mud. It was thick mud and we could only get as close to the forest as 100 meters. Now a long hike of approximately one and a half hour had to be dealt with to get to the destination area within the forest. We also could have chosen a different path, but even there we would have to have parked the jeep and went up a steep climb, which would have been a series of slides due to the mud. Therefore, we were glad that we chose this path.

When we got out of the jeep, we had a wonderful view of the Transylvanian mountains, which would always be on our right side while walking to our destination area.

We started walking and when we entered the forest, we immediately noticed that it was very different from our forests at home. It were the atmosphere and the appearance. When you enter forests here in this country, you`ll find bushes, shoots and branches on the ground. Here in this part of the forest, we found nothing of these.

It was as if the ground was cleaned up. The reason that no bigger branches were on the ground could be that wood pickers or wood poachers regularly collect them. However, no branches and shoots? This is very strange and we have never before seen anything like this.

C. went ahead and we made headway quickly as long as the mud allowed it. Sometimes we had no other choice than walking on a muddy path. Once Tom’s bootee almost got stuck in the mud, which was like sticky cement and due to the muddy tread of shoes, it was like walking on ice. However, everything turned out well and afterwards we only had to clean our shoes properly.

Some people might think that, due to the flight problems the day before and the muddy ground caused by the heavy rain the night before, someone wanted to stir up trouble to change our minds and stop us from investigating.

When we were walking further, the vegetation changed, as the “clean” ground disappeared and we came into a typical forest. Typical only regarding the vegetation not regarding the growth of the trees, for which the forest is well known.

However, you can also find atypical grown trees in our forests, but the amount of these trees in the Hoia Baciu Forest is contradicting the laws of statistics.

There are also a lot of trees which grew twisted like Spirelli-noodles. We are no botanists, but you can’t describe this as normal. In any case, we will show this to a close friend, who is an experienced landscape gardener. We are wondering if has ever seen this in such a high frequency.

On the way to our original destination, C. talked about his own projects, about the maintenance of the forest, but also about some of his own and other persons’ experiences.
The maintenance of the forest in its present form is a big and substantial matter for C. and he spends a lot of time there, not least because he is a professional photographer always searching for the perfect motive for photographs and perspectives on different times of day and seasons. You can find many of those motives in the woods.
Now to the events:

On night he was in the forest again, taking photographs of shadows in different perspectives, which were caused by the full moon. He placed the tripod circularly with the camera in four different positions with some meters in diameter, to take photos of the shadows casted in the center of this circle. The pictures of three positions were sharp, but the fourth was totally blurred and he, as an professional photographer, could not explain this.

Another time, when he and his mother were in the forest, she suddenly got a headache and felt dizzy. When they walked on both disappeared abrupt. When they returned to this area, both appeared again, when they walked out again both stopped immediately. Theses symptoms seem to be bound and limited to this area.

Besides, he told us, that a Brazilian medium told him, that a lot of ghosts and portals are located in this certain area. It must be added that these described events did not happen in the whole forest, bit in this area.
And on that day we were on the way to that area.

C. also spoke about a scene he filmed with his drone, while it was flying over the forest.

We will deal with this scene later.

During our long hike we occasionally met hikers. We asked for the wildlife in the forest and C. explained to us that there would be wolves but no bears.
Tom would not like coming across a bear, but would like seeing a wolf. Now a lot of you might ask themselves: “What?!”, but you got it right. Coming across a wolf would be exciting and interesting. Humans do not fit in the pray-pattern of the beautiful wolves and so running into a wolf in the distance would be safe.
Some minutes later Cloody pointed out, that in approximatey 50 meters dinstance something darted away behind the trees. Unfortunately, we were to slow with our cameras, but C. explained that surely it had been a deer, as they would be part of the wildlife in the forest.

On our further way to our destination, we passed some spots where we found foxholes or rather small trenches, which dated from the 1st and 2nd World War. However, this area had never been a heavy war zone, and it was only used for observation and retreat fights at best.

Then we walked down a depression and arrived at a large round spot, where the trees were missing and even some last snow was lying. If we had Bella with us, she would probably rush into the snow and roll in it. However, for her own protection and to avoid the stress of flying, she stayed at home.

C. told us, that on this round spot no trees are growing and no shoots can be found. He further mentioned that the photo of the UFO from 1968 was taken on this exact spot. The UFO was floating directly over this area.

 (Quelle praize.com)

It would be interesting finding photos of this spot from the time before the UFO-photo had been taken. Were trees growing in this now grassy area? We are no UFO hunters and can’t give any information about this topic, even it’s a very exciting subject in the world of the paranormal, but this is not our profession.

On the left side of the forest was the area, which was of special interest for us, as C. took the blurred photo there and his mother had the symptoms limited to this spot. We decided to start our investigation and went to this area. Neither Cloody and Tom, nor our companion noticed something unusual.

Because we were now at our destination for this day, we unpacked more cameras after a few minutes and wanted to start our active investigation. Our Dictaphone was switched on since the moment we entered the forest, because it was possible that we had recorded something during our conversation. Tom also kept an eye on the K2, which was also switched on at the same time as the Dictaphone.

Cloody and Tom did some base measurements with the EMF-device (Gaussmaster and K2), which didn’t show something unusual. It is said that there are some huge changes in the electromagnetic field in this forest – but not that day. Even in the round spot, we were before.

Then we asked questions – but like before, nothing unusual happened. However, from a distance, we heard the sound of an engine. C. told us, that this could be quadbikes, because they often pass through the forest.

After spending about three-quarters of an hour at this spot and there wasn’t any reaction from the EMF-Devices or anything unusual, we decided to head back. However, this time we took another path the first half of the way.

We went past an area, where the forest was indiscriminately cleared- a fiasco. When we headed towards the way we took at the beginning of our investigation (there was no other way), we, again, had to walk through the mud, which is an adventure for itself.

During our walk back, we went past a man from a distance of about 25 meters, who wore very colourful clothes and was in company of a child. We would not have noticed him, if he didn’t have an axe with him, which reached his hip and on which he was leaning.
He looked at us in an appraising way. When we passed him, Tom had to admit he was glad C. was with them. C. also scrutinized the man. Maybe he was a wood poacher.

We passed a small pond, where we already tried to clean our boots a little bit. But the mud was sticky like cement.

While walking back, nothing happened. We passed the “cleaned” part of the forest again and arrived at the jeep. C. drove us back to the hotel and there we said goodbye. Again a big “Thank you!” to him.
He is a very good companion, travel guide and interesting and pleasant person to talk to, not only about paranormal things and about the Hoia Baciu Forest. It would be very nice, to see him again one day.

When we were in our hotel room, we then noticed that the walk through the mud on some parts of the way made us very tired and so we wanted to rest and then decide, if we would go to the forest in the evening. C. offered that a friend of him could join us.

Later we decided not to go back to the forest and still rest. Especially as the next day, a Sunday, would be the time for our second project, which would, also emotionally, demand a lot of us. We planned to visit a private animal shelter near Cluj and have a detailed conversation with the supervisor.
There will be another report about that visit, which we link at the end of this report (behind the results) after its publication. We’re still thinking about some fates and stories of some dogs.

What is our result?First of all, we would like to thank our tour guide C., who had the time to accompany and show us this interesting forest. We talked a lot about very interesting topics, not only about paranormal stuff, but also about the problems with the forest and its value to the people and politics and about social topics. We are very glad, that we have met him.

The forest is gruesome in twilight and at night, C. also assured us. He has experienced that on his own. This is because of the strange tree structures, which can start an inner cinema, especially when fog comes up. Unfortunately, it was not possible for us to enter the forest at nicht, because the slippery mud on the way to our investigation spot had almost caused dicey situations at day and at night, we could risk injuries.
Another risk in twilight and at night might have been the wood poachers, who illegally fell trees.
Due to the uniqueness of the tree structures, this forest is a tourist attraction, besides the visitors, who continually enter the forest because of paranormal or spiritual causes. We think the forest is a great destination for trips and it is worthy of preservation, due to its atmosphere and look or rather design of nature. It would be desirable to put it under conservation.

Additionally, as C. confirmed to our surprise, a photo circulates in the internet, which could not be assigned to the Hoia Baciu Forest.

The scene recorded by the drone flying over the forest, had been built into a video of Quipus Paranormal Scanner:

A big “Thank you!” to Quipus Paranormal Scanner, who allowed us to refer to this video and post the link.
Please look in on his page, because he is a great analyst.

What is our result as ghost hunters?

The investigation was very quiet and unspectacular. The Gaussmaster and the K2 did not show any increase during the measuring. There were no anomalies, in neither full spectrum nor the infrared area, on our photos. In addition, we heard nothing interesting or paranormal on our recordings.

However, as C. and other locals we spoke to confirm, the phenomenon appears not only daily or weekly, but also monthly at few times. Maybe someone could be lucky to experience something if he or she was investigating around the clock for a whole week. But this luck is not certain.
We can announce that we will investigate the Hoia Baciu Forest again (maybe in 2019) and we hope that this time we have more luck with the weather.
After our investigation on 2nd March 2019 we cannot confirm, that the Hoia Baciu Forest lives up to its reputation. But this investigation was only a short moment in time and due to a lot of stories existing about this forest, it is possible that paranormal activities are happening there, not always – as those people we talked to, confirm. Moreover, there are some urban legends. And those can become runners.

We doubt the existence of portals to other dimensions and think that portals to the world of ghosts are based on human imagination.
Even if paranormal activities exist there, ghosts don’t need portals to appear, because this imagination is based on medieval thoughts. Just as little as someone can open portals via Ouijaboard or moving a glass – cf. article about moving glasses.

What I (Tom) would really regret is if someone would visit this place with his/her “Ghosthunter Technologies”, producing ghosts non-stop (for example voices via database), to support entertainment shows and thus change a beautiful place like the Hoia Bacoi Forest to a place of demons and ghosts – only to pull in the viewers and generate clicks.

One thing is for sure: Our personal impression of Romania has changed positively and we will return.

Tom Pedall

Die Geisterjäger – Ghosthunter NRWUP & RLP

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